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The Holiday Stocking Extra Quality

The first Christmas stockings would have been regular, everyday socks filled with small tokens of the holiday. As the tradition and celebration of Christmas grew in ornamentation and size, so too, did the stocking.

The Holiday Stocking

By the late 19th century, Christmas-specific and themed stockings were being marketed and sold. As early as 1888, lithograph-printed cotton patterns that had to be cut and sewn at home were available for purchase and by the early 20th century fully stitched and ready-to-hang stockings could readily be bought.

The collection at Tatter Blue Library houses not only books, but a range of objects that relate to cloth and the handmade. The collection includes tools, notions, garments, buttons, and art, among other historical objects. I turned to the collection in search of historical references and more information about about stockings.

When creating a Tatter stocking, I was inspired by the humble beginnings of the tradition. How did a simple, plain, everyday stocking become an iconic ornamental representation of Christmas, and how do we impart our values and respect of the handmade into it?

Knit your own red and white Christmas stocking. Our pattern is designed to be knit like a large top down sock. After your stocking is knit, you can adorn it with duplicate stitched motifs - we have included examples in this pattern for a snowman, a Christmas tree, and a snowflake. It will be ready to be hung by the chimney with care in no time!

The Holiday Stocking is a collage concert presented by the talented musicians attending Rocky Mountain High School. This concert will feature holiday music, with no pauses, for a solid 90 minutes. All ages will be amazed by the performances and will leave with renewed holiday spirit.

Create this adorable, boot-shaped Christmas stocking full of elves for your loved ones this year. The Holiday Decorating 18" Bucilla felt stocking kit features Santa and elves decorating their shoe home for Christams. This Bucilla stocking is perfect for any age. The Holiday Decorating kit includes pre-stamped felt, floss, sequins, beads, needles, instructions, and an alphabet to personalize the kit with a name.

Donated stockings will be shipped to service members deployed to combat zones or in support of combat operations and veteran patients in VA Hospitals across the country. The stockings will also be shared with activated National Guard and Reserves Units across the country.

Well, when they were all kids, their Mom would play a game with them. They had a stocking and in it would be a riddle. Whomever solved the riddle would pick what good deed they all did. This was something that they loved. They had fun giving back to others.

Do you live for the holidays? Celebrate the best time of the year with one of the best holiday trimmings around. You can trim the tree with our seasonal ornament but why not trim your mantle with a Night Shift stocking! Adorned with festive knit decoration and the Night Shift owl. This custom holiday red stocking is sure to delight the holiday beer lover.

With all the shopping we do during the holiday season, the last things you might shop for are Boise dental supplies. Although offbeat, many Boise dental care products make fun, practical Christmas gifts. Besides, what a better way to feel good about stuffing chocolate and candy canes into stockings than to pair them with something that will help maintain the health and care for your teeth? From stocking stuffers to smile-enhancing gifts, below are some Boise dental health ideas available this season:

As a kid, I remember the holidays as being such a magical time. I can remember the excitement and the anticipation of Christmas morning as a child. After a big breakfast, we would open our presents together. We always saved our stocking stuffers for last since our favorite treats and other fun surprises were often tucked away in our stockings.

TRIDENT Gum 3 Packs: My hubby is a gum fan and TRIDENT Gum 3 Packs will be perfect for his stocking. I picked up Cinnamon, Spearmint and Original flavors. He always has a pack of gum near his office desk or in his car. Now, he will be well-stocked!

With color A and dpns, CO 3 sts and make an I-cord about 3 inches in length. Double over I-cord and sew to top on the inside of the leg seam so your stocking can be hung. You can find our I-cord Tutorial at this link.

I hope I can help clear this up! When you combine the 15 stitches from each end of the work, you should actually be arranging them so that the working yarn tail is in the middle of the now 30 stitches on one needle. When done correctly, it should look a little like you have turned the leg of the stocking into a flattened tube, with the 30 held stitches on one half and the combined 30 stitches on the other. You will then ignore the yarn tail that is in the middle of the 30 stitches and, beginning with a right side row, join yarn A at the beginning of the row to work the heel flap.

Thanks for reaching out! For this step, you will rotate the stocking to the left so that the right selvedge of the heel flap you just knitted is facing you. Starting at the top corner of the heel flap edge, next to the previously set aside instep stitches, you will begin picking up 15 stitches along the right side of the heel flap, knit the 18 heel flap stitches, and then continuing in the same direction, pick up 15 stitches along the left edge of the heel flap, ending at the top corner, next to the other end of the instep stitches.

Thanks for reaching out! That is correct, this stocking is knit flat and seamed at the end. However, if you are familiar with knitting in the round and general sock construction, it would be quite easy to convert to knitting in the round!

My kids are crazy about those fruit snacks and a few weeks ago Welch's Fruit snacks invited me to participate in getting creative by making a personalized holiday stocking. They provided me with the stocking, the craft items and some Welch's Fruit Snacks.

My two girls Katherine (age 6) and Victoria (age 10) are the biggest fruit snack fans so we spent an afternoon crafting. We only received one stocking, so we picked up an extra stocking at Michael's for about $2.99. Then we were ready to get snacking and crafting and we had a blast. If you want to try it at home, grab some glitter glue, holiday stickers, round pompoms, buttons and jewel stickers and then have a blast.

We ate the Welch's Fruit Snacks and they were delicious. We received a fruit flavor pack and a Strawberry flavor. The girls ate them while we crafted and also decided they would be fun stuffed in our stockings. Here was our finished stockings:

Marlow is one of the sisters of the angel that passed away. She plays the character of Marlow who is the sister of the guy who passed away and returns as an angel. She has issues with her other sister due to some reason that has not been announced yet. She and her family used to celebrate a family tradition with a stocking.

Nadine Ellis plays the role of Dani. She is one of the two sisters in the movie, whose brother passed away. She drifted with her sister while his brother was alive and even after his death she still hadn't reconciled with her sister. She, her sister, and her brother, along with other family members used to follow a family tradition involving a stocking.

Hallmark is known for making cheerful holiday movies, and the upcoming movie is one of those. The movies are made throughout the different locations of the States and even outside the country. The network attempts to bring out all the beautiful scenery, culture, and traditions while filming in the location. Even in The Holiday Stocking, we can hopefully see the cultures and other elements of the chosen location.

The trailer of the movie was released on November 8, 2022, on the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel on YouTube. The Holiday Stocking trailer starts with one of the sisters talking about the holiday stocking game with her family that they used to play in the holiday with riddles. Then the two sisters, Dani played by Nadine Ellis, and Marlow played by Tamala Jones meet each other and get into an argument.

The angel R.J. played by B.J. Britt attempts to solve their dispute and help them reconcile throughout the movie to help them understand how important family really is. There is also an appearance of Mykelti Williamson in a white suit. They again relive their old family tradition of the holiday stocking created by their parents where they solve a riddle and do some volunteer work.

For an extra touch of personalization, you can also add a monogram to your needlepoint stocking. Whether that monogram takes the form of a single initial, the traditional three initials, or a whole name written out in its entirety, adding an identifier to a needlepoint stocking adds both a personalized touch and provides a practical function by identifying whose gifts are stashed away inside.

Hallmark Media's Mahogany brand debuted its first holiday movie last weekend, "The Holiday Stocking," and more movies under the network's new and inclusive programming brand will follow in 2023. "The Holiday Stocking" is also part of "Countdown to Christmas," the network's expansive and famed rollout of holiday movies. As family and friends gather around screens to enjoy holiday movie-watching parties and traditions over the next few weeks, Hallmark Media has continued to step up its initiatives to elevate diverse voices and perspectives on screen and behind the scenes.

Capt. Jason Rupp, 22nd Wing Staff Agencies chaplain, carries holiday stockings to the Airmen in the dorms Dec. 22, 2020, at McConnell Air Force Base, Kansas. The stockings included items aimed to help with spiritual and mental resiliency for Airmen to use throughout the holiday season. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Zachary Willis)

The holidays are quickly approaching, and shoppers are expected to spend in excess of $600 billion this season. The holiday season is shaping up to become a winter wonderland for retailers. However, brands that market or conduct business by telephone and are not mindful of telemarketing and call-recording laws could wind up with a lump of coal in their holiday stocking in the form of a class action lawsuit. 041b061a72

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