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The Federation came to prominence after the 1990 poll tax riot in Trafalgar square where the Metropolitan Police got a well deserved beating at the hands of working class people from all over the country. One of our representatives, when interviewed on TV, was asked to condemn the rioters behaviour, he refused and praised those involved as working class heroes. The media was gob-smacked, questions were asked in parliament and parts of our publications read out in the House of Commons and the Lords. A representative of a left-wing party called Militant, you may remember them, was asked the same question by the media. He not only condemned the rioters but offered to name them to the police. Nothing could have illustrated more starkly the difference between our approach and politics and those of the Left.

Sushmita Sen- God forgive the sinful thoughts this woman evokes in us all. Ravishingly beautiful, heart-breakingly glamorous, amazingly intelligent and bone-crackingly funny! Sush is the total package, if you ever saw one. Not only is she a Miss Universe, but according to her daughter, she is quite the mother as well. In fact, it is plain for anyone to see that Sushmita's world revolves around her little princess. One of Bollywood's top draws and the face of numerous exclusive brands, Sushmita takes time out from her over-packed life just to find out how her child is doing.

Afeni Shakur- It can not be easy raising a Ghetto King in a War, but Afeni Shakur did just that. Giving birth to Tupac, while she was in jail, Afeni knew right then that she had much to make amends for. Her active part in the infamous Black Panther's political movement led to many problems and her failed marriage must also have had a detrimental affect on Tupac. Growing up in poverty though, Afeni maintained a strict relationship with 'Pac and ensured that he received the best education affordable. Tupac's desire to become a revolutionary was surely instilled by his mother's numerous political motivations. Despite a crack-addiction, she managed to get through and quit, fighting to keep Tupac alive in the harshest ghettos. 'Even as a crack-fiend mama, you always was a black queen, mama. I reminisced on the stress I caused, it was hell. Huggin' on my mama from the jail cell' Tupac rapped on 'Dear Mama', a song he dedicated to his mother. Afeni lived through the tragic death of her son and still continues to fulfil her son's wishes. She remains a force, spurned by the death of her only son, a true ghetto prince raised by a true ghetto queen.

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