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Dvr Dvs Client Software

The iVMS-4000 is the client application specially developed for the embedded DVR/DVS. It is applicable to DVR, hybrid DVR, NVR, DVS, IP Camera, IP Dome, audio/video decoder, and iVMS-2000 client software as well. The iVMS-4000 client provides the Decoder Application and Module USB Joystick options in the Help menu for user to select decoder control and USB joystick control.

Dvr Dvs Client Software


The iVMS-4200 PCNVR is designed to manage the embedded network surveillance devices, such as network cameras and encoders, and provides mainly the storage and management function for the input video stream. It functions as a NVR installed on your PC, only it has not a specific hardware device and dedicated record file storage HDDs. The software cuts the complexity of the surveillance application, meeting the needs of small and medium-sized projects. With its flexible deployment schemes, the iVMS-4200 PCNVR is widely applied to the surveillance project of financial, public security, military, telecommunications, transport, electricity, education, water conservancy industries, etc.

Agent DVR is a free* software DVR solution for windows 10, Mac and Linux. Agent DVR runs as a service or console application and can access and control a huge range of third party cameras with advanced motion detection, including DeepStack integration for object recognition. The iSpyConnect website provides secured (SSL) remote access without port forwarding needed.

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