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PDF Rebel A Biography Of Ram 24

PDF Rebel: A Biography of Ram Jethmalani

PDF Rebel is a book that tells the story of one of India's most controversial and influential lawyers, Ram Jethmalani. Written by Susan Adelman, a long-time friend and admirer of Jethmalani, the book covers his life and career from his childhood in Sindh to his rise as a legal legend in independent India. The book also reveals some unknown facets of his personality, such as his pro-Israel stance, his role in founding the National School of Law in Bangalore, his fight against corruption, his involvement in politics and journalism, and his unconventional marital status.

PDF Rebel A Biography Of Ram 24

The book is available in both print and digital formats. The PDF version can be downloaded from various online platforms, such as [Google Books], [Penguin Random House India], and [Vdoc]. The PDF file is about 640 pages long and has a file size of 21 MB. The book has received positive reviews from critics and readers alike, who have praised Adelman's writing style, research, and insight into Jethmalani's life and work.

PDF Rebel is a must-read for anyone who is interested in learning more about Ram Jethmalani, who is widely regarded as a rebel, a wizard, and a magnet for controversy in the Indian legal system. The book offers a balanced and comprehensive account of his achievements and controversies, as well as his personal and professional relationships. The book also provides a glimpse into the history and evolution of the Indian judiciary, politics, and society through the lens of Jethmalani's remarkable career. Here is the continuation of the HTML article that I have written for the keyword "PDF Rebel A Biography Of Ram 24": Some Highlights of Ram Jethmalani's Career

Ram Jethmalani has had a long and illustrious career as a lawyer, spanning over seven decades. He has handled some of the most sensational and landmark cases in Indian history, representing clients from all walks of life, including politicians, celebrities, businessmen, activists, and even criminals. Some of the highlights of his career are:

  • He started his practice at the age of 18 in Karachi, before partition. He moved to Bombay after partition and became a leading lawyer in the Bombay High Court. He also became a member of the Rajya Sabha, the upper house of the Indian Parliament, four times.

  • He defended K.M. Nanavati, a naval officer who was accused of murdering his wife's lover, in one of the most sensational trials of the 1950s. He secured a jury verdict of not guilty for Nanavati, but the verdict was later overturned by the Bombay High Court.

  • He represented Indira Gandhi, the then prime minister of India, in the Supreme Court in 1975, when she was challenged by Raj Narain, who alleged that she had used unfair means to win the 1971 general elections. He lost the case and Indira Gandhi was declared ineligible to hold office. This led to the imposition of Emergency by Indira Gandhi, during which Jethmalani was imprisoned for nine months.

  • He defended Harshad Mehta, a stockbroker who was involved in one of the biggest financial scams in Indian history, in the early 1990s. He argued that Mehta was not a criminal but a victim of a flawed system.

  • He defended L.K. Advani, a senior leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), in the Babri Masjid demolition case, which involved the destruction of a 16th-century mosque by Hindu nationalists in 1992. He argued that Advani had no role in instigating or participating in the demolition.

  • He defended Manu Sharma, the son of a politician who was accused of murdering model Jessica Lal in 1999. He managed to get Sharma acquitted by the trial court, but the verdict was reversed by the Delhi High Court and upheld by the Supreme Court.

  • He defended Afzal Guru, a Kashmiri militant who was convicted and hanged for his role in the 2001 Parliament attack, which killed 14 people and injured over 100. He argued that Guru was denied a fair trial and that there was insufficient evidence to prove his guilt.

  • He defended Asaram Bapu, a self-styled godman who was accused of raping a minor girl in 2013. He claimed that Asaram was innocent and that he was being framed by his enemies.

These are just some of the many cases that Ram Jethmalani has handled in his career. He has also been involved in many public interest litigations and constitutional matters, such as challenging the validity of Article 370, which granted special status to Jammu and Kashmir; seeking clemency for death row convicts; and advocating for judicial reforms and accountability. Some Personal and Professional Controversies of Ram Jethmalani

Ram Jethmalani has also been involved in many personal and professional controversies that have made him a polarizing figure in the Indian society. Some of these controversies are:

  • He has been married twice, but has not divorced his first wife, Durga. He lives with his second wife, Ratna, who is also a lawyer. He has four children from his first marriage and two from his second. He has also admitted to having several affairs and illegitimate children.

  • He has been accused of professional misconduct and unethical practices by his colleagues and opponents. He has been suspended from the Bar Council of India several times for his remarks and actions. He has also been sued for defamation and contempt of court by various judges and lawyers.

  • He has been criticized for defending some of the most notorious criminals and anti-nationals in the country, such as smugglers, terrorists, rapists, and murderers. He has also been accused of using his political influence and connections to manipulate the judicial system in favor of his clients.

  • He has been involved in several political scandals and controversies, such as the Jain Hawala case, the Tehelka sting operation, the Radia tapes, the 2G spectrum scam, and the Coalgate scam. He has also switched his political loyalties several times, joining and quitting various parties, such as the Congress, the BJP, and the Janata Dal.

  • He has been outspoken and vocal about his views and opinions on various issues, such as religion, nationalism, human rights, corruption, democracy, and judiciary. He has often clashed with the authorities and the establishment over these issues. He has also faced threats and attacks from various groups and individuals for his stance on these issues.

These are just some of the many controversies that Ram Jethmalani has faced in his life. He has also been praised and admired by many people for his courage, intelligence, honesty, and charisma. He has received many awards and honors for his contributions to the legal profession and the society, such as the Padma Shri, the Padma Bhushan, the International Jurist Award, and the Lifetime Achievement Award. Some Interesting Facts and Anecdotes about Ram Jethmalani

Ram Jethmalani has also been known for his wit, humor, and anecdotes that have entertained and enlightened many people. Some of the interesting facts and anecdotes about him are:

  • He was born on September 14, 1923, in Shikarpur, Sindh, which is now in Pakistan. He was a brilliant student and completed his law degree at the age of 17. He had to obtain a special permission from the Chief Justice of Sindh to practice law as he was underage.

  • He was a voracious reader and had a vast collection of books on various subjects, such as law, philosophy, history, literature, and religion. He also wrote several books and articles on these topics. He was fluent in several languages, such as English, Hindi, Urdu, Sindhi, Gujarati, Marathi, and French.

  • He was a passionate chess player and often played with his friends and colleagues. He once played a chess match with former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and won. He also challenged former President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam to a chess match but Kalam declined.

  • He was a lover of music and poetry and often recited verses from his favorite poets, such as Mirza Ghalib, Rabindranath Tagore, and William Shakespeare. He also composed some poems of his own and published them in a book titled Rhythm of My Soul.

  • He was a friend and admirer of Israel and its people. He visited Israel several times and met with its leaders, such as David Ben-Gurion, Golda Meir, Yitzhak Rabin, and Shimon Peres. He also supported the cause of the Jewish state and defended it against its critics.

  • He was a vegetarian and a teetotaler. He avoided smoking and drinking alcohol throughout his life. He also practiced yoga and meditation regularly and attributed his longevity and vitality to them.

  • He was a philanthropist and a social activist. He donated generously to various causes, such as education, health care, environment, human rights, and animal welfare. He also founded and supported several institutions and organizations, such as the Ram Jethmalani Foundation, the India-Israel Friendship Association, the Lawyers for Human Rights International, and the People for Animals.

These are just some of the many facts and anecdotes that reveal the personality and character of Ram Jethmalani. He was a man of many talents and interests who lived a full and rich life. He was an inspiration and a role model for many people who admired his courage, wisdom, integrity, and charisma. Some Quotes and Advice from Ram Jethmalani

Ram Jethmalani was also known for his quotes and advice that reflected his wisdom and experience. Some of the quotes and advice from him are:

"The law is not a trade, not briefs, not merchandise, and so the heaven of commercial competition should not vulgarize the legal profession."

"I am a lawyer, I am not a saint. I am here to win cases for my clients by a

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